Mental Health in Schools (MHIS) is a project run by the  Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders which focuses on mental health and wellbeing in British secondary schools.  We are combining academic research, the expertise of Mental Health charities and real life stories to create school based resources which help students understand mental health and illness. shutterstockneurones

The first of the MHIS initiatives are Head-ED and Head-ED Lite.

Head-ED is a PSHE scheme of work looking at mental health, illness and wellbeing – please see the Head-ED tab at the top of the page for more details.

Head-ED Lite is a series of session plans designed for use in a 15/20 min tutorial slot and focuses on the same areas as Head-ED.

Head-ED and the Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders are supported by the University of York and the Wellcome Trust.

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Many thanks to Time to change (Standup kid video) and Blurt it out (Asking me statements) for permission to use their resources.