Head-ED Lite

Head-ED Lite is a series of 12 tutorial/form period sessions based upon the Head-ED scheme of work.  Each session has been designed to last around 15 mins and covers the main themes of Head-ED: education about mental health and illness, challenging stigma and encouraging students to manage their own mental health through Mindfulness.  As many of the activities in Head-ED Lite are based on the full Head-ED scheme, we do not recommend using these alongside one another in a class.

Head-ED Lite was designed for upper KS3/KS4 groups but is suitable for use in vertical form groups as well.  All resources and session plans are free for schools to use and adapt accordingly.

Tutor’s resources:

Session plans

Additional Tutor Guidance

Session powerpoints and Resources:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4   See ‘Head-ED lessons’ tab for the clip

Session 5

Sessions 6,7 and 8     Teacher guidance  Mindfulness exercises

Session 9    Unhelpful things to say to people with depression

Session 10 Types of eating disorder     See ‘Head-ED lessons’ tab for the podcast  Anorexia podcast keyword spotter   Anorexia keyword spotter foundation version   Signs of healthy relationship with food

Session 11    Self harm cardsort

Session 12    Hannah’s story

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