Head-ED Lessons

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Learning objectives student poster

Lesson Plan Teacher’s Guidance Resources
Lesson 1 plan  Guidance for lesson 1  Head-ED lesson 1   Wellbeing Scale – blank graph   Alfie and Amelia     The brain game   The brain game foundation version
 Lesson 2 plan  Guidance for lesson 2  Head-ED lesson 2   Mental health – facts, stats and myths  OPEC Discussion points   OPEC student notes  Watch Video
 Lesson 3 plan  Guidance for lesson 3  Head-ED lesson 3   Wall posters
 Lesson 4 plan  Guidance for lesson 4  Head-ED lesson 4
 Lesson 5 plan  Guidance for lesson 5  Head-ED lesson 5   Asking me   Unhelpful things to say to people with depression
 Lesson 6 plan Guidance for lesson 6 Head-ED lesson 6   Types of eating disorder   Signs of healthy relationship with food  Anorexia podcast keyword spotter  Anorexia keyword spotter foundation version  Self harm cardsort Press play to listen to the podcast
Lesson 7 plan  Guidance for lesson 7 Head-ED lesson 7   Hannah’s story   Foundation assessment   Challenging assessment   Assessment answers

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