Head-ED Lessons: Resources

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Note: Before you begin please be sure to read the Guidance For Teachers document

You will also need the Learning Objectives student poster (A3) (summary sheet used at the end of all lessons)

Lesson Plan Teacher Guidance Resources
Lesson 1 plan Guidance for Lesson 1

“About mental health?”

Head-ED lesson 1 powerpoint
‘Stand up kid’ video
Wellbeing Scale – blank
Alfie and Amelia
The brain game: higher tier version
The brain game: foundation version
Lesson 2 plan Guidance for Lesson 2

“Stigma and mental health”

Head-ED Lesson 2 powerpoint
Mental health – facts, stats and myths
‘Ordinary people, extraordinary challenges’ video
OPEC student notes
OPEC discussion points
Lesson 3 plan Guidance for Lesson 3

“Stress and anxiety”
Head-ED Lesson 3 powerpoint
Wall posters
‘Managing Stress’ video
Lesson 4 plan Guidance for Lesson 4

“Reducing stress”

Head-ED Lesson 4 powerpoint
‘The Stress Response: Fight or Flight’ video
Lesson 5 plan Guidance for Lesson 5


Head-ED Lesson 5 powerpoint
Unhelpful things to say to people with depression
‘Asking me’ exercise
Samaritans helpline cards
Lesson 6 plan Guidance for Lesson 6

“Eating disorders / Self harm”

Head-ED lesson 6 powerpoint
Types of eating disorder
Signs of a healthy relationship with food
Anorexia podcast script
Anorexia podcast keyword spotter: higher tier version
Anorexia keyword spotter: foundation version
Self harm cardsort
Self harm support cards
Listen to the mp3 podcast
Lesson 7 plan Guidance for Lesson 7


Head-ED Lesson 7 powerpoint
Hannah’s story
Assessment pt 1 – QuestionsOnly
Assessment pt 2 – QuestionsOnly
Pt1 – Guidance and answers
Pt2 – Guidance and answers

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